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20th May 2012


[Duet OST] He doesn’t see (by luovafactory)

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23rd March 2012


One of my EnglishHL papers →

I googled myself and found one of my essays on this random site. I found it extremely funny because I haven’t written anything. I am not saying that is good or praising my¬† butt in anyway but my writing these days SUCKS in comparison… That essay has big words and is nicely structured O-o oh Danika who could write well WHERE ARE YOU ?!?!?! >_<

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13th August 2011

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Only in Korea will you get a shirt that makes no sense and love it&#8230; O-o

Only in Korea will you get a shirt that makes no sense and love it… O-o

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9th July 2011

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So we went to three places. Once was a tunnel but we weren’t allowed to take pictures there. The other ones were the freedom bridge and the point where people could look into NK. The weather thath day was horrid, the binocular machine ate my 500won and didn’t let me see. T^T Moral of the story I should have gone on the Panmunjeom tour instead. The way the soldier dude was standing looked real cool I umm >_> had to get a picture…

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