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7th October 2013

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11th February 2013


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7th February 2013


Having one of those days when I am like “damn I am sexy!” days like this.. why don’t you come more often o-o?

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20th August 2012

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3rd August 2012


I LOVE the design in this part of town, can’t wait to see it when its all complete.

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21st July 2012


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21st July 2012

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14th July 2012

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8th May 2012


May 8th… something that I adore the smell of.. I adore the smell of food anything cooking I can always tell when its done perfectly well just by smelling it. When I get food homemade or from outside, I have a bad habit of smelling it. I like when i can still find the┬áseparate┬áparticular smell of stuff…. I recently found a perfume the smell was wonderful and I usually don’t go for them cause they’re expensive but I bought it… I took a picture of it but I cannot find the connection cable… so heres pictures of food stuff (already failing at may photo a day)

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21st October 2011

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14th October 2011

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28th September 2011

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Doris Day - Close Your Eyes (by Dayniac4324)

Absolutely love this song. Its so calming you can just listen to it and bobn your head as you have your evening tea or walking down the streets. Even when you cannot listen to it, its one of those songs that can just make its way into your head with the catchy jazzy riffs.

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27th September 2011


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19th September 2011

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Reflective.. on Flickr.A picture I took that I really liked so I uploaded it on flickr first x)..

Reflective.. on Flickr.

A picture I took that I really liked so I uploaded it on flickr first x)..

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15th August 2011

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Happy Korean Liberation Day (taken in Gwangju when visiting the August 15th uprising memorial)

Happy Korean Liberation Day (taken in Gwangju when visiting the August 15th uprising memorial)

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