I hate meeting nice people because I know that there will be a time we have to part. I thought if I went out and met more people I would get used to saying my fair share of goodbyes… but all that did was teach me to cherish the good friends a lot more. Now I sit regretting not meeting some of them more often, for the fear of getting too attached. 

Here i sit with warm fuzzie happiness at the same time pain way down deep in the feels >< 

Must put this memory into history so as to remember to never lose contact because you’re worth it. 

Happiness.Love yourself.Reflection

 Taking a break from actively nursing my cold to just note some things down. I don’t know if this will help anyone but if it helps someone that will be nice. :/

The world out there expects too much from people and its frustrating to keep having to meet different standards. I have had people tell me I’m too fat to shop in specific stores, too weird to ever make friends too worthless to ever get anywhere in life but regardless I am very happy and satisfied with my life. Dont waste your youth running after outer beauty alone because when you grow older you will waste your time clinging onto your lost youth. Don’t stay in the past and bring yourself down but try to deal with the things and approach the pain, feel it and address whoever you have to get a better idea on things and get closure. Then move into your present life and live it, for life is worth living! Don’t let anyone tell you any different.


1) You have to accept yourself and I know thats hard because people just say that like its something you just do TUDAH!!! its done. Not really no but actively take note of things that you do that you like, parts of yourself that you like from within not just the exterior. If there was something that you wished was different then work actively to change it. Its not going to happen in one day or one week and it might take some time but work on it, reflect on it and keep at it till you achieve it.

3) Be yourself theres another one thats easier said then done. If you dont know who you really are think of what makes you happy and the kind of person you’d like to be. Ask close people what they think your strengths and weakness are. If you have questions about things like morality, religion, sex, whatever it may be but you cannot decide where you stand. Try to research about it or ask some people to see what their take is on it. This not only helps to realise that you’re not alone but it also helps to get some sort of stand as to where you are with things.

2) You cannot please everyone. Think about it you are human and you want to be accepted well all those other humans out there want the very same thing. You cannot keep changing to have person a or person b like you. Just be yourself and if someone comes along and appreciates that attitude then they are worth having around.

3) Stop trying to please those that look down upon you. You are an individual and you are worth more than just some praise from some judgmental person. Maybe they arent satisfied with themselves or they never got any praise and don’t know how to give any.. whatever it maybe be rid yourself of the negative people. Though do stop to think about what they said and consider if it is actually true and if you know it isnt then walk away. If you want to confront them about it and tell them that it wasn’t very nice to say those things you could do that as well. If you arent sure then contact someone who trust and ask their opinion but whatever you do stop running after those that have thrown you away.

Thats all I have for today :D imma go eat some cookies and drink some tea now :P

ttyl~ if you want someone to talk to imma try my best to be here :)

For every measure of success and happiness, life also seems to give an equal amount of fail. Not liking that..

At least I guess its good to know that good stuff is waiting just ahead.

The feeling of loneliness has creeped back in, makes it really had to study. I shall try my best to none the less.. Exams are drawing near and I need to study regardless of loneliness or any other emotion. I shall be successful in the future, I shall not be lonely and most of all I shall be happy.

This is a bit fuzzy but the man was WAY accross the park… what I really like about this is the happiness on his face :) some day I want a dog… (AND a cat :P)

I just hate..

how in this day and age girls just give themselves up completely in the hope that what they will find is love.