“It is good to be merry and wise,
It is good to be honest and true,
It is best to be off with the old love,
Before you are on with the new.”
— Song

Funny how they say “you don’t need to change to fit in” and they are the very ones that change. They say “not doin that again” and then they go out and get wasted the very next night. Why can’t we just sit around once in a while without having to be under the influence of something? I guess in times like this I like that I am always alone because I do not want to have to change.

A new start

Not like I have a lot of followers that would like to read a whole diary sort of blog entry but this is my blog and I just wanted to update…


Well I finally got my computer keyboard fixed and the week had gone back to normal. It was just another day when I decided it’d be better if I called the university because I really needed to know when orientation was. Until then all I knew was that the year would start early September because that is what it said on the acceptance letter.

<recap>When I messaged quite a few times I got no reply. So after waiting more than a month I called back = to the day I am talking about. </recap>

They said university would start August 29th which wasn’t all that bad considering that is close to early September but they didn’t know when orientation would be… I was told to call the next day which I did without hesitation only to be told thatit will be held on the 22nd of August. The day was Thursday the 18th and I freaked out because its not easy to buy a ticket that late especially when planes do not fly from South Korea to the Netherlands everyday…IN freak out mode I started to pack and I packed good~!

I had made an appointment with the Toshiba center to fix my computer on the 20th so I hoped I could get a ticket for the 21st but it didn’t turn out that way. So I am leaving 22nd morning (leaving the house at 5am… leaving Gwangju, which is an hour away from my house at 7am and then its off to the Netherlands) The 22nd btw.. is tomorrow. In less than seven hours I will have a new start laying out in front of me…

I like new beginnings not because of the food that I get to eat to conclude that which will be in the past, not because of the new things I can learn, not because of the adventures… well maybe all of those things.. but in general its because of the possibilities.

I can be a whole new person. I can make it such that my life and the past I say I had could be created out of a figment of my imagination. Now is the time I wait and contemplate as to whether I should do that or not. Now is the time I sit not scared, not excited instead I’d say its rather emotionless. The last time I decided I was a bit outgoing and extremely courageous. That worked out well but I did learn a lot that I could re-polish.

I do not know what is coming but I know what has been… I will not change for the world because I am still me but there is always the chance to become better and here is mine.

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