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15th April 2014


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15th April 2014

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15th April 2014


Last year I went to see the flowers at Keukenhof, I must admit I did not like it as much as the flowers were all arranged, there weren’t enough flowers and there were way too many people taking pictures of the flowers instead of just enjoy the flowers… This year I went for a drive almost up to Amsterdam and took a detour at Noordwijkerhout, from there we stopped at every field. Whether it was tulips or not, that didn’t matter. There is a forest nearby as well as a beach so I recommend going there if you can. :) 

Here you can see they grow the bulbs in raised beds in order for the bulb to grow bigger therefore they do not cut the blossoms. This growing of flowers is done in order to get better quality bulbs. (I would like doing that.. seems like a fun job)

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14th April 2014

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10th April 2014


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5th April 2014

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31st October 2013

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26th October 2013

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Super car with a V8 engine!

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6th September 2013

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1st September 2013

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28th August 2013

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2nd August 2013

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10th July 2013

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The rain so heavy you can barely see,

The rain so heavy sheds petals from the trees.

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25th June 2013

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Sometimes I have difficulties choosing one pictures… which is why i rarely stop to take several pictures… it makes life easier if I have just the one.

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14th June 2013

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