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3rd November 2013

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http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=gp5CXR3zDBV63agLlucIkg&u=/watch?v=frJUCDiCaVI&feature=share →

I will never forget seeing them live during my 18th birthday and then getting an autograph. They even sang happy birthday to me, that turned out to be the best experience I have ever had. Just sharing some of my love for them ;) !

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8th October 2013


http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=58XjCGJ9UaARIJmdPzW1_A&u=/watch?v=ZeaIvjoH1FY&feature=share →

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3rd February 2013


Netherlands, Utrecht 

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13th January 2013

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"Societies ideals of normality and perfection…" indeed o-o
Dan Howell o-o… is it like H-owl or Howl or How well~ o-o…

"Societies ideals of normality and perfection…" indeed o-o

Dan Howell o-o… is it like H-owl or Howl or How well~ o-o…

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6th June 2012

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The Wanted - A Good Day For Love To Die [Full HQ] (by UntouchableAloud)

You many judge me for listening to stuff like this. However, this describes today. So its gonna be on repeat for the rest of the day. 

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27th May 2012


Flying Without Wings (by westlife)

I hate admitting that I am quite a girly girl but at the end of the day its moments like this that remind me how girly I truly am. :P 

I LOVE Westlife! they are the only boyband that i have listened to for YEARS and YEARS on end without getting bored of them. 

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20th May 2012


[Duet OST] He doesn’t see (by luovafactory)

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28th April 2012


THE ULTIMATE HIP, BUM, THIGHS WORKOUT! With Carliestylez and HeyKaylie! (by AmandaRussell)

feel like such a freakin sissy… im taking a break in the middle of my workout -_- i need to breath.. i hate lunges thats the first time I have done so many… squats i can do 60 push hard till 70 thats ok but lunges >_< no… 

done with water done with im tired rant.. back to workout… 

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21st July 2011


Summer … spending a LOT of time at the computer…

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18th July 2011

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Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (by rakzo2)

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9th May 2011


sister, don’t cry (original song) (by ReinaDelCid)

Shes got SUCH talent >_< she needs to be WAY more well known than she already is…

Spread the music x)

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